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babydee1's Journal

"I make my own destiny..."

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14 June
I like to write Smallville fanfiction; the show itself disappointed me in ways I can't even begin to describe, so I spend my free time writing out what I would have liked to see on the show, and where I would have liked the characters to end up.

I'm a Chlarker/Chloiser by default, but I also love Chlollie and enjoy the Chlex dynamic. Clex intrigues me as well. ;-)

I have managed to successfully complete 54 stories (27 Chlark, 23 Chlollie 3 Clex & 1 Chlex). I currently have 2 fics in progress (2 Chlark), and several more in development. All the fantastic feedback really helps, and I've had several requests to write more, which I'll be pleased to do. What can I say? I love hearing from you all! :-P

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