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Fanfic Writer by Eyesthatslay

Chlark Fanfic: Crisis, Prologue

I must be mad, starting a new story when I have three others on the go, but once I was presented with the idea, I couldn't resist writing it.

This is my take on Clark's Red K Summer.  Be warned, it's not a happy-smiley fun story at. all.  In fact, it's pretty much the darkest thing I've ever written.

Title:              Crisis

Author:          BabyDee
Pairing:          Chlark/Kaloe

Rating:           NC-17

Warnings:     Graphic sex, non-con/rape, angst.  Kal isn’t going to come off very nice in this story (see the warnings), so if you’re a fan of his, you might want to look away now.

Timeline:      Season 2-3 (Exodus – Exile; Clark’s RedK Summer)

Disclaimer:   All characters belong to the CW & DC comics. 

Summary:     A violent encounter between Chloe and Clark threatens to destroy their friendship forever.

Feedback:      …is much appreciated. J



This is for ellyfanfic , who wanted to get my take on Clark’s RedK Summer. 


Author’s note:

Someone (I can’t remember who) said that every Chlark author should have a RedK Summer of Fun fic in their collection.  I must confess, I’ve shied away from it because everyone else has covered it and done such a fantastic job that I didn’t think I’d be able to bring anything new to the table.  I eventually came up with this, but by no means is it a fun story.  It’s dark, angsty and thought-provoking, but I hope that if nothing else, it makes an interesting read.




8:30pm, Saturday



Diane Warnock, the triage nurse at Smallville Medical Centre, glanced at the clock, willing the last thirty minutes of her shift to tick by faster.  She’d been here since noon, and the afternoon shift was the worst of the lot because it pretty much took her away from her family for the entire day.  She sighed and prepared her handover notes for the next person coming on duty, glancing at the clock again.  9:00pm couldn’t come fast enough for her.


There were ten minutes left of her shift, and Diane grabbed her coat and car keys.  As soon as Rachel came in for the night shift, she would be out the door and on her way home. 


She was closing the admissions book when the girl walked in.  She was young, probably no more than sixteen, with short, choppy blonde hair that was far too bright a shade of platinum to be natural.  And that was the only bright thing about her.  Her face was downcast, and she had her arms wrapped around herself in a classic protective gesture.


Diane’s heart sank as the girl slowly approached her desk.  She knew that demeanour anywhere, had seen it enough times to know what had happened. 


“Good evening, dear,” she said, trying to sound pleasant without being too jolly.  “Can I take your name, please?” 


“My name is Chloe Sullivan,” she said quietly. 


“And how can I help you today, Chloe?”


The girl, Chloe, swallowed, and then looked up at her with a bleak expression in her red-rimmed hazel green eyes.  When she spoke, her answer was barely more than a whisper. 


“I’ve just been raped.”



Chapter 1...

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I have to tell you once again how much I adore this fic, dark and angsty as it is—and how much I'm looking forward to the sequel. (I hope you post at the end of the previous fic on K-Site to say when you upload the new one, as it'll alert me.)

I got started writing my own Exile AU this last fall, and though I had to put it on pause for a while, I'm looking to get back to it. Thing is, the more I brainstorm, the more I find I've borrowed a few things from your fic, lol. I cannot think of any more logical consequence from Chloe turning down Lionel's agreement (after having agreed) than her father fired and blacklisted, nor Lionel yanking the equipment that he undoubtedly provided the Torch. It's simply the most logical scenario there is. So I hope you don't mind that I borrow it! I also have a line that's a bit of a nod to your fic (Martha asking if Clark hurt Chloe). I'm taking my story in quite a different direction, but it was just perfect to have that line in there. I hope you don't mind me using those! :)

Hi again, and thanks for the great comments! Still working on Crisis behind the scenes, and will definitely give you a heads-up once I start posting again.

Happy for you to run with my Crisis ideas! Send us a link to your story, I'd love to check it out when I get a spare moment. :-)

Yay! I linked to the completed fic in my multifandom recs post (it's done by genre/trope rather than fandom). Only getting started in compiling fic recs, but Crisis was a shoo-in for the Trauma category. :) (Not that a lot of people look at the post, but I like to have it to link my friends--and to keep track of the fics myself.)

I'd love to share! Since it's a WIP, though, I haven't posted it anywhere publicly (just in a Google doc that my beta and any other interested friends can view). I'd be happy to link you if I got an e-mail address to send it to (well, you could find me easily enough on IRC too, as I hang out in #yuletide on Slashnet, but I don't know if you've ever done IRC). I've had my usual beta keeping an eye on it in general, but they haven't seen SV in a while, so I'll need to get hunting for a different beta to go over characterization. The actual wording and all that is subject to change as I wouldn't run it past anyone for that until it's all complete (who knows if that ever will happen--I've never actually finished anything as long as this is looking to be, 14k is the longest fic I've ever finished). So far I've got 7k done--and it's only getting going.

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