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0Chlollie - Snow by Tehzo

Chlollie Fanfic: Beauty in the Breakdown XII: Heart's Content (complete)

Happy New Year, everyone, and Happy New Fanfic post!

How long has it been?  Too long, far too long. I've missed you all. :-)

I just realised I've had this sitting in my to-do folder for months, and thought it was about time I posted it and said a fond farewell to the BITB Series.  I still have lots to do on my other two Chlollie series, so you're not rid of me just yet.  I hope there are still some readers out there, LJ is so quiet these days. *sigh* :-\

Anyway... on with the story.  It's very short, and just puts a nice, tidy little bow on the series, and I hope you all like what I've done with it.

Enjoy!  Manip by kc_2009 (who hasn't been on LJ for a while, so I hope you don't mind me using your work! They have such a contented look on their faces that works brilliantly with my title.  Sheer perfection!  But any issues, and I'll take it down immediately.  Thanks in advance!)


Title:               Beauty in the Breakdown XII: Heart’s Content
Author:          BabyDee1
Pairing:          Chlollie

Story Rating: PG-13; BITB Series rating NC-17
Warnings:     Angst. A Re-telling of Chlollie post-Warrior
Timeline:       Futurefic
Disclaimer:   All characters belong to the CW & DC comics. 
Series Summary:     With Oliver by her side, Chloe learns to let go, find peace, and fall in love.
Story Summary: The Queen family reflect on the last seven years of their relationship

Feedback:      …Always.  :)

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Beauty in the Breakdown XII: Heart’s Content

“How much longer do we have?”

Oliver checked his watch.  “About ten minutes.”

Chloe smiled and idly tickled her fingers up her husband’s thigh.  “I remember a time when those two sentences almost always lead to some freaky-naughty sexy times.”

Oliver smiled, his eyes twinkling at the memories.  “Oh, those were the days.  The things I could do to you in ten minutes.  Or should I say, the things I used to do to you when we were a horny young couple with no parental responsibilities.”

“Well, we chose to go down the parental path,” she replied with a nostalgic grin.  “And whilst it’s been a challenge finding time for, um… speedy intimate liaisons since Jade came along, I have no regrets whatsoever.”

“I agree.  And we do have a strong support network, for which I’m eternally grateful.” He linked his fingers with hers and kissed her fingertips. 

A sudden movement caught their peripheral vision, and both of them turned to see the curtains fluttering in the window at the Kent farm.  A few moments later, a small face appeared at the window.  Oliver grinned as their daughter pressed her face up against the glass, her face a comedic picture as she made what appeared to be growling sounds.

Chloe shook her head in disbelief.  “She’s been here for six hours.  How can she still have so much energy?” she asked, perplexed.

Oliver shrugged helplessly.  “I’m stumped.  I expected to pick up a suitably exhausted child, not some energetic sprite.”

Clark’s face appeared at the window, and he gave them a quick smile and a wave before hoisting a merrily shrieking Jade in the air and carrying her back into the living room. 

“I blame you,” Chloe said playfully.  “She has your boundless energy.”

“And your ceaseless inquisitive streak, which I think is much more energy-sapping.  ‘Why is the sky blue, Daddy?  Why can’t I have a penguin for Christmas, Daddy? Why do you and Mommy always look so happy when it’s my bedtime? And how did I get into Mommy’s tummy?

Chloe gasped.  “She never said that!”

“Oh, yeah, she did.  Couple of nights ago.”

Wow.  I don’t understand it; she’s five years old.  I am not ready to have that conversation with her.”

Oliver shuddered.  “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to have that conversation with her, whether she’s five, fifteen or twenty-five.”  He glanced at his watch.  “Should we go in now?”

“And waste these last four minutes of peace and tranquility?  No way.”  She linked her hand in his and rested her head on his shoulder.  “We deserve some alone time, just you and me.”

They sat silently for several seconds, and then Oliver took a deep breath.

“Honey, can I ask you something?”

She smiled.  “Sure.  Anything.” 

“Are you happy with how your life’s turned out?”

She cracked open one eye and glanced up at him.  “You know I am.  I haven’t stopped smiling since BabyPowderGate.  Where’s this coming from?”

He shrugged.  “I dunno.  I guess I’m feeling reflective, what with our seventh anniversary around the corner, and just… thought I should ask rather than assume.”

“Well, you know I love you,” she replied honestly, “…and I love the home we’ve created, and our little family is the most important thing in the world to me.”

He stroked her cheek tenderly and smiled.  “I know.  I guess I was wondering if you had any regrets, or wished there was anything you could have done differently.” 

Chloe thought for a while.  “I’d have to say no,” she finally replied.  “Because every decision you make leads you to the next, and I can honestly say that some of the mistakes I’ve made – we’ve made – are what brought us into each other’s orbit.  Different decisions would have led to different outcomes, and whilst I may have been happy on another path, I would hate to have missed out on this one.  I love you, Oliver Queen.  You’re my world.” 

His heart warmed, and he tilted her chin upward for a kiss.  “I love you too, Chloe; more than I could have ever thought possible.  And I’m happy.  Superlatively so.”

They smiled into each other’s eyes, and their lips met.  It was as though time was stripped away and they were that young couple on a sunny Florida beach, pledging their life and love to each other for eternity.  It hadn’t always been plain sailing; the loss of their first baby had been a crippling blow, and it had taken both of them a long time to come to terms with the tragedy, Oliver most especially.  But eventually their love and patience won out, and when Jade was born, the lingering pain in both their hearts had been healed. 

The Cartier watch on Oliver’s wrist beeped, officially signalling the end of their alone time.  He released her lips with a happy sigh and smiled.  “Let’s do this.” 

They got out of the car and approached the Kent Farm, hand in hand. 


The front door of the farmhouse swung open.  Seconds later, their blonde bundle of joy sprinted across the patio and raced towards them, arms outstretched.

“Daddy!  Mommy!” she cried happily before launching into her father’s waiting arms.  “You’re back!” 

“Yep, we are,” Oliver said, ruffling her unruly hair with a grin.  “Did you have a great time?” 

“Oh, yes,” she replied, nodding enthusiastically.  “Me and Uncle Clark played catch, and hide and seek, and picked apples for a pie!  And I picked more apples than him, and I rode the tractor, and when we ran races in the back forty, I won!” 

The farmhouse door opened again and an exhausted-looking Clark emerged, followed closely by Lois who was balancing a chubby baby boy on her hip. 

“Clark!” Oliver greeted with a grin.  “I believe the brief was, ‘let her run around until she’s ragged.’  Why is she still upright?”

“I have no idea,” Clark replied as he approached.  “I did my best, but your daughter simply does not stop.”

“You did your best, I guess,” Chloe said, smiling affectionately as Jade leaned over to her for a quick kiss before babbling away to her father again. 

She was very much a Daddy’s Girl.  From the moment she’d been born into her father’s arms, Jade had bonded with her dad and never looked back.  Chloe smiled, her heart swelling with love for her husband and daughter.  Having being a Daddy’s Girl herself, she could totally relate… and Oliver was as perfect a father as there ever was.  It was inevitable that their daughter was devoted to him. 

“…and then I roared like a lion – Rooooooooar!” Jade finished, yelling so loudly she’d give Black Canary a run for her money.  “It was so much fun!”

“Yep, she’s quite the noisemaker,” Lois said as she reached them.  “I have no idea how this little man handled it; he didn’t flinch once.” She hitched the baby higher on her hip and playfully ruffled his hair. 

“Oh, he’s been living with the noise since before he was born, so he’s totally used to it,” Chloe replied easily.  She grinned and extended her hands.  “Come to Mama, Robbie.” 

The baby gurgled and smiled and reached for Chloe with chubby arms.  Lois handed him over and he immediately clung to his mother, resting his spiky blond head in the crook of her neck as he stuck his thumb in his mouth and began to suck on it contentedly.

“Now, Robert Gabriel Oliver Queen, how many times have I told you – thumbs are not food,” she admonished, gently tugging on his little hand until his thumb slid free.  The baby grinned and pressed his hands to her cheeks before planting a kiss on her lips. 

Chloe chuckled and stroked the tiny cleft in his chin with her forefinger.  If Jade was a Daddy’s Girl, then eight-month old Robbie Queen was definitely his mother’s son, saving his best smiles and sloppiest kisses just for her.

“I can’t even begin to thank you and Clark for looking after them for us all day,” Oliver said. 

Clark raised his hands in protest.  “No thanks are necessary, guys; you know we absolutely love having them here.  We always have the most amazing times, don’t we, Jade?”

“Yes!” Jade agreed enthusiastically.  “And Uncle Clark, he makes the best pies, and he has the best chocolate, and the best candy, and I had about this many pieces–” she held up four fingers– “…and he let me have soda!”

“Did he, now?”  Chloe said, turning a stern eye on a suddenly guilty-looking Clark.  “Well, Uncle Clark had better be ready for another seven hours of babysitting to work off that sugar rush you are definitely going to have later, shouldn’t he?” 

Clark reddened and smiled sheepishly.  “I couldn’t say no to her, Chlo.  Look at that face!” 

“I feel you, man,” Oliver agreed reluctantly.  “Gets me every time.” 

“You’re both big softies really, aren’t you?” Chloe teased.  She balanced Robbie in one arm and reached out and hugged both Clark and Lois with the other.  “Thanks again, guys.  Really appreciate it.” 

Lois smiled.  “You’re welcome.  Robbie’s just had his dinner, and I’ve given him a warm bath, so he should be on the Slumberland Express by the time you get home.” 


“I’m not tired at all, Mommy,” Jade declared.  “I want to climb the oak tree again!” 

“We can do that tomorrow, honey,” Oliver replied.  “We need to get you and your brother home and settled for the night.  Say goodnight to your aunt and uncle, now.”

“Goodnight, Uncle Clark, goodnight Auntie Lois,” she said politely.  “Thank you for having me.” 


They returned to the car and settled both children in their car seats.  Jade chatted non-stop about her afternoon, regaling them with stories as Oliver and Chloe sat and slid on their seatbelts. 

“Here, let me help,” Oliver offered as Chloe struggled to get hers round.  He leaned across her and let out more length, earning a smile and a quick kiss from his wife as they came face to face and the seatbelt clasp slid into place.

“All settled?” he asked, resting a hand on her midriff.  She nodded.  At that exact moment, he felt gentle pressure against his palm from below. 

His eyes widened.  “Is that…?”

Her eyes shone, and she nodded.  “Felt the first stirrings a few days ago, but wanted to wait until it could be noticed from the outside so that we could celebrate it together.” 

“Wow.”  He stroked her slightly swollen belly, his heart leaping as he was rewarded with another gentle kick.  He grinned.  “Hands down, this is the best mistake we ever made.”

Chloe giggled.  “Totally agree with you there. What is it with us and cloakrooms?”

“It all stared at Marguerite St Clair’s fundraiser, didn’t it?” Oliver murmured, smiling in reminiscence.  “Y’know, I always had a feeling that our cloakroom shenanigans would have consequences one day.  It was a surprise, so soon after Robbie, but I definitely ain’t complainin’.”  He rubbed her stomach again, his smile widening as he was rewarded with another soft thump against his hand. 

“Mommy?” piped Jade from the back seat.

“Yes, honey?” 

“Why is Daddy touching your belly?”

“Because the baby’s saying hello, so Daddy’s saying it back.”

Jade’s eyes lit up in excitement.  “Really? Yay!  Can I feel, too?”

Chloe smiled and nodded.  “When we get home, yes.” 

“I’m gonna be a big sister,” she sang happily.  Then she frowned.  “But I want a sister this time, though.  I can’t play dress-up with Robbie, he looks silly in my flowery hats.” 

Oliver laughed.  “Tell you what… you can come with us when we go and get the baby’s picture taken, and we’ll be able to tell if it’s a boy or a girl.  Would you like that?”

“I would love it!”

“Okay, then; we’ll pick you up after school.”  He gave Chloe’s belly one last pat, and gave her a quick kiss.  “Love you, bella.”

She stroked his face and smiled.  “Love you too.  Always.” 

He walked around to the driver’s side and slid into his seat.  As he strapped himself in, he mentally took stock of the last seven years and marvelled at how much his life had changed.  He had a wonderful wife, his life partner and soulmate in every way.  A beautiful daughter; vibrant and smart, with her mother’s eyes and his zest for adventure.  An amazing little boy with soulful brown eyes and a dimpled chin as per his mother’s request, and a new baby on the way.  He also had a very successful multi-billion-dollar business, and was a founding member of a society of heroes that upheld justice and protected the world, but all those achievements paled in the presence of the wealth and beauty of his growing family. 

He, Oliver Queen, was the luckiest, happiest son of a bitch on the planet.

“What’s on your mind?” Chloe asked. 

He smiled.  “I was just thinking about life.  About us, and how our lives have turned out.”

Chloe glanced at their children in the back seat and smiled.  “We haven’t done too badly, have we?”

“We did great.  Remember how surprised everyone was when we hooked up?”

“Mmm-hmm.  Thought we’d never last, but look at us seven years down the line: happily married, 2.5 kids, and a fairly sizeable white picket fence, if I do say so myself.”

Oliver sighed contentedly.  “You changed my life, bella.  You are my life.  All of you.”

He gave her hand one last affectionate squeeze, and then started the engine. 

“Daddy?” Jade asked as they drove away.

“Yes, honey?”

“Why do you call Mommy Bella?”

Oliver glanced over at his wife and they shared a grin filled with a lifetime of memories.

“That, my girl, is a long story…”



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Aww! That was so beautiful, what a wonderfull way to end such an amazing series! Thanks so much. :)

My pleasure! Sorry it took me so long :-)

So adorable! <333 I've missed your stories! (:

Glad you like! :-) I'm hoping to update a lot more frequently than I did last year, so fingers crossed for more Chlollie goodness soon :-)

Aww, this was such a lovely ending to a wonderful series. I had to laugh at Clark - Jade certainly dropped him right in it with the mention of candy. He's such a softie.

You write Chloe and Oliver together with such love, Dee.

Thanks, hun! They were a surprise pairing to me, first brought to my attention bylaurelnola's amazing Ordinary Boy, and I haven't looked back since. I'm so glad you liked it, and really appreciate you taking the time to comment! *hugs*

Edited at 2016-02-18 10:11 pm (UTC)

Hi! It's so beautiful can finally read you again, I missed your fic so much !!

Absolutely there are still readers on this Journal, I'll never tire of reading ff about our beloved blondes despite many years are now gone, their memory for me is still warm and alive.

I love this new installment in the series .... wow three children, maybe next coming is actually a pair of twins? hahahah
Wardrobe eh? I remember that moment during the party, so hot and passionate !!
There will be new installment in this serie too?

I look forward to reading more and I'm so excited for your new Chlollie series
Thanks again to be back., kisses -:)

Edited at 2016-02-01 11:18 am (UTC)

Faby! So great to hear from you, babes *hugs*

I thought I should give our favourite pair a fitting send off, and a houseful of kids is just perfect, lol. I'll be working on the other series next, so keep a look out for that. Thanks very much for your awesome comments! :-)

I'm always MIA, but always come back to Chlollie on LJ just too see anything new popping up. So glad I did. Love your Beauty In The Breakdown series and this amazing conclusion with all the Chlollie family feels was perfection.
Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to read you other Chlollie series. Happy writing.

I had to go back and check, but holy cats, this series is 5 years old. That's quite an achievement! *claps* :)

Really enjoyed this conclusion.

Why can’t I have a penguin for Christmas, Daddy? Why do you and Mommy always look so happy when it’s my bedtime? LOL. I bet Oliver's going to sneak her a penguin anyway.

Thank you so much for continuing to write these two. Always makes me smile! <3

3 chuldren??
Yay for Chlollie babies!!!!
I loves this story so much, I have no words.
BTBD was the first fic I've ever read, it means a lot to me. Thanks for writing and sharing it.

"3 chuldren??
Yay for Chlollie babies!!!!"

I know, right? I love them so much! :-D

"I loves this story so much, I have no words.
BTBD was the first fic I've ever read, it means a lot to me. Thanks for writing and sharing it.

Wow, this was your first fanfic? I feel so honoured and fulfilled as a writer, hearing that. Thanks for sharing that with me, and for all your lovely comments along the way! *huggles*

I hope to update one of the other series soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

PS: Hope the little one's doing well!

She's turning one on March 1st. Time flies

Aww, bless her little cotton socks! :-)

Lovely Chloe and Oliver, and their happily growing family!
Glad you're back, thank you so much sharing Chlollie stories. :)

Always a pleasure hun! And I will be back with more Chlollie stories, never fear. :-)

Thanks for commenting!

Hi Dee. Sorry for the late response. Thank you for Heart's Content. I love their happy life. The reference to Robbie's chin cleft made me go back and re-read one of my favorite passages in the series -- when Ollie shows Chloe his baby pictures to keep her from leaving the next morning and Chloe tells him that he has to have kids to pass on his chin and blond hair! Little did Chloe know at the time....

Such a sweet and satisfying conclusion to an amazing series. Thank you so much.

"Hi Dee. Sorry for the late response."

No response is ever too late, babes! :-D

"Thank you for Heart's Content. I love their happy life."

My pleasure! If anyone deserves a happy ending, it's these two.

"The reference to Robbie's chin cleft made me go back and re-read one of my favorite passages in the series -- when Ollie shows Chloe his baby pictures to keep her from leaving the next morning and Chloe tells him that he has to have kids to pass on his chin and blond hair! Little did Chloe know at the time....

Aww, that brings back memories! Thanks so much for re-reading it; I love it when y'all show that yes, you're paying attention! :-D

"Such a sweet and satisfying conclusion to an amazing series. Thank you so much."

Thank you all so much for your awesome comments! I actually had this ready months ago, but didn't want to post it as it would officially mean the end of the series *sniff* But I leave them in good hands; each other's. :-)

One last thing: I definitely wouldn't have had as much fun with these two if you all didn't encourage and support me, so thanks to all of you for being so fantastic. :-)

Off to run through my other remaining Chlollie series, and see which one I should update first!

"What is it with us and cloakrooms?” Hahahaha.

Loved the epilogue, totally captured all the things I love in a Chollie FF.

Many thanks for giving us this (yikes can't believe its been almost five years since the Series Finale)


Hee! Now they have physical evidence of their freaky shenanigans! :-P

"Loved the epilogue, totally captured all the things I love in a Chollie FF."

I'm so glad you liked it! This series is very close to my heart, as it focused on just the two of them without any shipper drama from other characters. And I just love it when they have kids! :-)

"Many thanks for giving us this (yikes can't believe its been almost five years since the Series Finale)"

Egads, where has the time gone?? :-O Nevertheless, it's nice to still see new fanfic every now and again, and I still have a fair bit to do with my other Chlollie series; so I'll still be around, even if it's not as much as I used to be. But it's great to know people are still reading, so thanks again!! *hugs*

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