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0Chlollie - PostOrgasmic by jennyspring

Chlollie Fanfic: Beauty in the Breakdown VIII, Living Life

Chlollie update in the House!!! :-D 

Um...for those of you who may not know me, my name is babydee1, and...well... :-\

What can I say? *iz sheepish* My sincere apologies for my long absence; my Chlark Muse was on a streak, and I dare not grieve the Muses.  But my Chlollie muse has swanned back in just in time to celebrate the One-Year Anniversary, and with the perfect story in which to do so.  You'll soon see what I mean. ;)

Anyway, Happy 1st Chlollie Anniversary, everyone!   I meant to have this ready yesterday, but real-life kept me busy.  But it’s never too late to celebrate these two. ;)  

Enjoy!  Smut from the start, so no minors, please.  

And comments, as always, are much appreciated.  :)

Banner by sanaazzy

Title:              Beauty in the Breakdown VIII: Living Life
Author:          BabyDee1
Pairing:          Chlollie
Rating:           NC-17 
Warnings:     A Re-telling of Chlollie post-Warrior
Timeline:      Season 9
Disclaimer:   All characters belong to the CW & DC comics. 
Summary:     With Oliver by her side, Chloe learns to let go, find peace, and fall in love.
Story Summary: As with everything else in Chloe and Oliver’s relationship, their next step is as unconventional as ever.
Feedback:      …Always. :)

Series inspired by sxymami0909’s Watchtower playlist.
Awesome banner by sanaazzy.

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Chapter 1  

Oliver Queen stirred and opened his eyes, and a lazy feeling of contentment suffused his limbs. 

He gazed up at the ceiling of his Miami hotel Suite and smiled.  Waking up in Chloe’s arms was always wonderful.  Waking up in those arms knowing that she was now his fiancée, however, was nothing short of heaven. 

He tightened his arm gently around her shoulders and kissed the tip of her blonde head, which was comfortably nestled into the crook of his neck.  Her left leg was twined around his thigh whilst her corresponding hand rested gently over his heart.  And on her third finger, she was wore the rings he had painstakingly picked out for her the previous afternoon. 

She was wearing his rings, he thought with a jolt of excitement.  He and Chloe were actually engaged.  He glanced down at her and his grin widened as he stared at her left hand which glinted with the evidence of their new pre-marital status. 

She must have sensed his gaze on her because her fingers curled on his chest and she stirred and then lifted her sleepy tousled head and smiled. 

“Good morning,” she said, her voice low and husky with sleep. 

“And a very good morning it is,” he said with a grin, caressing her fingers with his.  “Sleep well?” 

She nodded.  “Best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages.” 

Oliver smiled and lifted her fingertips to his lips, and Chloe’s gaze shifted to the rings on her fingers.  He tensed slightly and waited for her eyes to reflect a smidgeon of hesitation or maybe regret at finding herself engaged.  Perhaps he had moved too fast, getting both a declaration of love and a response to her proposal in one night.  Maybe he should have cooled off on giving her the rings, but after hearing her say the words, he quite honestly didn’t see the point in holding back on the next step. 

And fortunately neither did she, if the grin on her face was any indication.  There was no worry or regret in her eyes; only pure joy and contentment, which was a huge relief. 

“We’re engaged,” he said aloud, and she nodded. 

Totally.  And you’d better not ask me if I’m sure about this, because I am.” 

“How did you know that’s what was coming next?” he asked, surprised.   

“Because I can see it in your eyes; you’re still waiting for my freak-out,” she said accusingly. 

He gave a sheepish grin.  “Okay, I admit it; I was, but now I’m not.”


“Not anymore,” he replied, his heart swelling with love as he tightened his hand around her fingers.  “I can see it in your eyes; this is what you want.” 

Chloe shifted into a sitting position and he sat up as well, waiting as she took both his hands in hers and lifted them to her heart. 

You’re what I want, Oliver,” she whispered, her eyes focused on his.  “Spending the rest of my life with you is what I want.  I’ve never wanted anything or anyone more in my life.  And that’s the truth.” 

The confidence in her voice and the conviction in her eyes completely eliminated the last shred of doubt in his mind.  Knowing that they shared such a deep connection filled him with a heady sense of elation.  It also appeared to be a very effective turn-on as his body began to harden beneath hers. 

“We’re getting married,” he murmured with a grin, taking her face in his hands. 

Chloe moved sinuously in his lap so that his steely length was nestled against her thigh.  “Say that again,” she whispered, her voice all breathy and light. 

“We’re getting married.”  One hand dropped to her breast and his thumb flicked over her stiffening nipple.  Chloe inhaled sharply and arched her back, bringing their lower bodies into even closer proximity. 

Again,” she demanded.  He figured she was talking about the words, but just to be sure he caressed her breast as well, squeezed her soft flesh and teased the tip with his thumb and forefinger. 

“We’re getting married,” he rasped, rolling them over so that she was beneath him.  His mouth replaced his hand and he sucked hard on her breast, making her moans escalate.  She arched against him, tilting her hips until his broad tip brushed her intimate soft warmth.  The ache in his groin intensified exponentially and he uttered a loud groan, unable to hold back any longer. 

“One more time,” she pleaded.  He positioned himself against her snug entrance and eased forward, entering her slowly until he was buried deep into her slick, moist heat. 

He held still for several seconds, breathing harshly as he rested his forehead against hers.  Blindly he reached for her left hand with his right one and linked his fingers with hers.  

“I’m going to make you my wife,” he promised in a harsh whisper, and began making love to her in earnest. 

Chloe clung to him and moaned his name as she moved with him, the slick slide of her body stoking his fire and urging him on.  Her voice rose as her orgasm swiftly approached, and she quickly came apart in his arms.

“I love you,” she cried out as she peaked and her body shuddered intimately around him.  He groaned and thrust harder as his own orgasm hit, pleasure pulsing through his entire body as he spent himself inside her. 

“I love you, Chloe,” he ground out hoarsely, holding her close.  “I love you with all my heart.” 

Her hand threaded into his hair and she made gentle, soothing patterns on his scalp with her fingertips as the tension in both their bodies eased and their breathing slowly returned to normal. 

“I think I finally got the quickie thing figured out,” he whispered when he was able to talk. 

She giggled.  “I’ll say.  And this has to go down in history as the Cleanest ‘dirty talk’ Ever.” 

“Yeah, we get turned on by marriage,” he chuckled.  “Who knew?” 

She shrugged.  “Well, we’ve always been different from everybody else, so…”

“Yeah, I guess,” he replied with a nod. 

“We’re engaged,” she breathed in wonder.  “Oh my God, we’re engaged, and…” her stomach rumbled loudly. “…and I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry,” she finished with a sulky pout. 

Oliver dropped a quick kiss on her belly as he carefully rolled off of her.  “Worry not, fair maiden; breakfast is on the way.

He reached out pressed a few buttons on the phone on the bedside table, and after two rings a voice came over the speaker.

“This is Bobby in Room Service; good morning Mr Queen,” said a male voice.  “Breakfast for two, I presume?”

Chloe blushed bright red, and Oliver grinned and brushed his nose against hers.

“If you please, thanks Bobby – and right away,” he replied.  “My fiancée’s hungry.” 


Thirty minutes later, they were enjoying a hearty breakfast on the terrace. 

“I love the staff here, they’re so friendly,” she said as she sprinkled sugar on her pancakes.  “Either they get paid more than the usual rate for hospitality staff, or senior management are slipping them Happy Pills on the sly.” 

“Must be the Miami sunshine,” he said warmly.  “And they’re a sneaky bunch of critters, as well.  “How could they not tell me you were here?”

She flashed him a cheeky grin.  “I asked them to keep it a secret,” she said.  “You gotta admit, you did like the surprise.” 

“Well, yeah; but I never got to read you my formal proposal.” 

“You wrote a formal proposal?” she exclaimed.  “You’re kidding!”

“I am not.  Let’s see, I have it around here somewhere…” he stood up and headed back into the room, and after a quick rummage in the top drawer of the bureau managed to find the small piece of paper on which he’d poured his heart out.

“Here we go,” he said triumphantly as he walked back onto the terrace.

“Yay!” she squealed.  “You gonna read it to me?”

“Yes, but no laughing,” he said, his tone suddenly stern.  “And I mean it.  I don’t need to remind you what happened the last time you giggled at me, do I?”

Chloe squeaked in alarm and shoved her hands under her armpits.

“Good.”  He cleared his throat and began to read from the crumpled piece of paper.

“When two halves of one heart find each other against all odds, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world,” he said solemnly.  “The love I share with you excites and enriches every fibre of my being.  I love you, and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life giving you my love and receiving yours.”

He paused and glanced at his fiancée.  She was staring at him with a soft smile on her face and tears glistening in her eyes.  Slowly he got down on one knee and took her hand in his, then returned her gaze with a serious one of his own.    

“Be my wife, Chloe Sullivan,” he said softly.  “Marry me.  I love you.” 

Her eyes filled with tears and he could see the emotion reflected in them.  “It’s beautiful,” she said softly.  

“I’m sorry I was too out of it to say it to you properly last night,” he began regretfully, but she shook her head.

“You’ve said it to me now, and I loved every word,” she said, wiping away a tear.  “Could you…could you say them to me again as…as the vows on our wedding day?” 

Their Wedding Day.  Oliver smiled, and the warm and content feeling he’d woken up with that morning suffused his limbs all over again. 

“That’s an excellent idea,” he managed, wiping away her other happy tear.  “Good thing I didn’t throw in any cheesy lines about arrows through my heart and love blooming between us like the fresh, green grass, huh?”

“Oh, I’d probably have offset it with something like ‘the love looming in our hearts, keeping watch over us like a protective tower…”

“Chloe, that’s terrible!” he groaned. 

She giggled.  “I know, right? See – we’re made for each other.”

He stared at her warmly and smiled.  “I love you, you know that?”

She gave a dainty shrug.  “Well, you’ve only said it about a million times between yesterday and today, but I don’t mind hearing it again.  And again.  And again…”

He leaned across and kissed her, tasting pancake syrup on her mouth.  “I’ll be more than happy to oblige you, my love,” he whispered against her lips.  They shared gentle kisses for several minutes before breaking apart with matching smug grins. 

“What will everyone say when we get back to Metropolis and tell them we’re engaged?” she said suddenly with wide eyes.  “Some of them don’t even know that we’re seeing each other!”

“Oh, they all know by now, trust me,” he said with a sly smile.  “We may not have said anything out loud, but with the way that I look at you, and the way you smile at me, they’d have been blind not to notice.” 

Chloe made a grim face.  “Clark isn’t gonna be too pleased.”

Clark can go fuck himself,” he retorted.  “Who even cares what he thinks?” 

She rolled her eyes.  “He doesn’t mean to be malicious, Ollie.  He’ll probably think that we rushed into things, which is what all of them will probably end up thinking,” she explained.  “But because we’ve been close for years, Clark has sort of…well, sort of earned the right to be straight with me, whether his words hurt or not.” 

“Well, I don’t personally care for his stony disapproving glare fouling up my landscape, so the further he keeps away from me, the better,” he said sourly. 

She sighed.  “Ollie…”

“I understand that he’s only trying to look out for you, I get that; but you’re not a little girl anymore; you’re a woman.”  My woman, he though possessively.  “It’s about time he learned that our relationship is our own business and has nothing to do with him.” 

She nodded.  “True.  But I think he’s already well on the way to understanding that, so you can put the green-tipped arrows away.” 

“Let’s hope so,” he finally conceded.  “So, let’s talk about more exciting things, like…when do you want to get married?”

She shrugged and took a spoonful of oaty porridge.  “Anytime.”

“Anytime is no time, Chloe,” he said sagely, taking a sip of Florida orange juice.  “I need a date.”

“Fine.  Er…” she thought briefly and shrugged again.  “I dunno, whenever; today, tomorrow…?”

He laughed, but then his eyes widened.  “We could, you know.”

“Could what?” she asked as she lifted her spoon to her mouth.  “Get married tomorrow?”

“Get married today.”


Chapter 2… 

Omg Dee I'm so behind on all my reading, but I will get around to reading both this and your crisis updates. Actually I can't wait, cause you always deliver. Hugs you..:))

I should apologise to you, because I am so behind on all your stories I don't even know where to start! :-(

Take your time, the stories will still be here. :-) Thanks so much for stopping my to leave me some lurve - I really appreciate it! *hugs*

Edited at 2012-02-26 06:35 pm (UTC)

Love this story, I love the way you write Chlollie, they're so adorable together.

They really are, aren't they? Absolutely smishable! :)


AWESOME new installment!!!

Perfect anniversary pressie and it would be like them to elope!

I know, it's so them. I've had this idea sitting on my laptop for months, so as soon as the anniversary rolled around I dropped everything else and just focused on this! :-D

And I'm so glad you liked it! Thanks for commenting, babes. :)

So sweet and hot as always.:D Ollie's speech is absolutely amazing, touching. He said the right words to her and Chloe melted totally. They will get married and Ollie wants that happen in the same day. Funny and adorable.:D

"They will get married and Ollie wants that happen in the same day."

He's not the only one! :-P

Glad you like, Dani. Sorry for the long wait, but better late than never! :-) *hugs*

Hey, i'm sooooo happy you're back... and what a perfect timing!!!

Sorry i didn't comment earlier but i was reading as i was translating...

God, and this part:

-----> When two halves of one heart find each other against all odds, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world,” he said solemnly. “The love I share with you excites and enriches every fibre of my being. I love you, and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life giving you my love and receiving yours.” <-----

...kind of made me cry and delayed my work, lol...

Well, what can i say? This was soooooooooooooooo beautiful, touchy, lovely... that let me speechless... that's it... i can't find words to describe how much i loved this chapter... it was pure poetry...



YAY! So pleased you like it, and thanks for being so patient with me. You're so fast with the translations, wow! :-D

Yay you are back! I missed you :) though I'm going to have to come back and read this because I'm having trouble getting my brain to focus cuz its late and I'm tired and I've been working on a paper for the last four hours. I'll be able to process it better and leave you an amazing review in the morning :)

I'm back, and I missed you all so much! *squishes you* Take your time, it'll still be here when you're ready, babes. Have a nice rest!

omg i need to read the next chapter babydee ! i really missed your fic seriously... i liked so much how Oliver proposed to her with he wrote ! so wonderful... congrats !!!

Thank you, glad you liked it! Sorry it took me so long to get back to this, babes. *hugs*

so it's 243 am and I have work in less than six hours and I just couldnt stop reading. I was a little behind on the story so I had to re-read everything to remember it all. I can't wait for the update. :)

Oh my Zod! I am so, so sorry I kept you up so late...but I'm so thrilled you decided it was worth it!

Thanks so much for commenting, I really appreciate it. Oh, and send me the bill for the coffee! :)

I'm so happy to read you again.I really missed your fic.
They're so cute.
Can't wait to read next chapter.

I've missed them too. Sorry to keep you waiting so long, so glad you liked the update! :)

I'll be the first (and likely last) to tell you to take your time. My internet is a little screw-y right now and won't let me access LJ (and only LJ), and my roommate refuses to fix the problem (despite the fact that I think I found the solution).

Long story short...I can only read via school/library internet signal. So please... don't rush. ;)

But, as to the marvelous piece of fic that is BitB...gosh I love your writing. It's seems so simple and effortless and... lots of other words.

Nice to see an update from you Dee! Hope life's treating you well!

Sera, Sweetie! *smishy cuddles*

So sorry to hear about your internet woes. :( How come its only LJ you can't access? The universe is conspiring against you! LOL! :)

Have you tried using a different browser? When Google Chrome suddenly started hating my Hotmail, I switched to Firefox, so that's something you can try, or Internet Explorer (depending on which one's giving you grief). :)

I've been itching to pen some Chlollie for ages, but I wanted to get my WIP count down, which thankfully I have done. So happy to work on my favourite blondes again, and your comments have really lit a fire under me to write more. Thank you so much, and I haven't forgotten your own lovely stories! When I've cleared some more ground on my WIPS (which will be very soon, fingers crossed), I'll be along to treat myself. ;)

Thanks again! *hugs*

I missed you. A lot! *hugs*

This was such a perfect chapter! They make the most adorable couple ever!! I love them so much it hurst. Can't wait to see what's comig out of that last line. Are they really going to elope? It would be so romantic...

Glad you're back on your Chlollie muse! *hugs again*

"Can't wait to see what's comig out of that last line. Are they really going to elope?"

*spoiler alert* The clue is somewhere in the banner. Not saying more than that. ;-)

"Glad you're back on your Chlollie muse! *hugs again*"

Oh, me too. I've missed my favourite blondes like mad!!!

Thanks for commenting, my sweet! :-)

Oh if Chlollie got married today that would definitely land Ollie on Clark's shit list. Get her to marry you Ollie!!!
Thank you for the update. Loved it as always.

"Oh if Chlollie got married today that would definitely land Ollie on Clark's shit list. Get her to marry you Ollie!!!"

Don't worry - he will! :-D

"Thank you for the update. Loved it as always."

My pleasure, babes, and thanks for commenting! *hugs*

Thanks for new story!!!!
So i wondered how Clois will react when they will back as merried couple...

I wonder, too...but I have a feeling it'll be interesting! ;-)

Glad you like, Maddie! :-)

OMG get married today?? Lois will never forgive them! LOL
I absolutely love how there was no Chloe's freak out in the morning, everything is so perfecT! Can't wait for continuation! I think they will really do this, they're in Miami after all, what could be better than a beach wedding, right? ;)
Excellent job!

"OMG get married today?? Lois will never forgive them! LOL"

You'll have to wait and see, LOL! :-D

"I absolutely love how there was no Chloe's freak out in the morning, everything is so perfecT! Can't wait for continuation! I think they will really do this, they're in Miami after all, what could be better than a beach wedding, right? ;)"

You read my mind, babes. ;-)

"Excellent job!"

Glad you likee, and thanks so much for commenting! *hugs*