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Fanfic Writer by Eyesthatslay

Drive-By Post...

I’ve not been on LJ much recently.  Aside from the obvious alarming levels of LJ FAIL, I’ve had both my boys drag me down A&E (Accident & Emergency – what y’all call the ER) over the last couple of weeks.  One needed surgery, and the other was on a nebuliser just yesterday.  He still has to go into hospital tonight for follow-up treatment.  Needless to say, it’s not been easy, and naturally fanfic writing has had to take a back seat for now.
But I am here, and I’m thinking of you all.  Hope all is well. I’ll do a big-ass follow up post as soon as I can find the time – and if LJ decides to stop being a pillock. 

Speaking of LJ FAIL, I've decided to start archiving my fic on Blogger just in case LJ dies completely.  You can find it here.  It's still very much a work in progress, though.  And I have all my fanfic cross-posted at KSite as well, plus all my Chlark fic at Two of Us, the Chlark Fanfiction Archive. 

Love you all.  And now I'd better get this posted before LJ goes comatose yet again...

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get well wishes for the boys

Hope the boys are all well soon and that you can stay away from the A&E! Speaking from lots of experience, I know it's nerve wracking...
Thinking of you and sending the whole family cuddles.

whoa, I have a blog also...
off to check in at yours...

Re: get well wishes for the boys

There's not much on the Blog right now, it's still very much in its embryonic stage! :)

Boys are both doing well, we hope the worst is over. Thanks for the cuddles, Mari! :)

I hope everything goes well

Positive thoughts for you and your family.:)

Re: I hope everything goes well

Thanks, sweetie. It's all very positive, thank goodness. *hugs*

Re: I hope everything goes well

Glad to know :)

I have you in me prayers my friend.Thanks for helping me when I so needed it.And God never throws more at us then we can handle....it just seems like it.Much love to you and your Dee.

Thanks ever so much, Danny. Things are definintely looking up for us, so those prayers must be working. :)

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Being in the ER (or A&E as you call it) sucks donkey balls!!!
Hope your boys are doing okay and everything turns out well!!!

"Being in the ER (or A&E as you call it) sucks donkey balls!!!"

It does. So much standing around, just waiting...!

Boys much better, playing and in good spirits. Thanks for all the well-wishes! :-)

I'm so glad I've had mine on Blogger. I just find it easier to change archive options. If my fic was here and only here, I'd be panicking so hard.

The LJ fail is scary, considering it's all coming from Russia and a Russian company owns it. Can they sell it to Switzerland? It would be so peaceful there.

Here, A&E is mostly a cable channel to watch documentaries on. It would have been so much more enjoyable for all of you than going to the hospital. Maybe not the boys. They'd be bored. I hope your boys are doing better now. Is he asthmatic? Can they prescribe a nebulizer for you to have at home? I used to have one when I was a kid. And what was the surgery for?

Thanks, April.

Quick rundown (I'm texting on the train): couple of weeks back my 4 year old tripped and fell in school whilst running with pencils in his hands. They ended up in his eye. Ouch. :( The surgery was stitches under a general anaesthetic to close his eyelid. He's fine, and still has 2 good eyes in his head, thank God. :)

Then my 2 year old woke up on tuesday morning screaming and clutching his chest. He's not asthmatic, thank goodness; the chest x-ray revealed a minor infection which is being treated with antibiotics through an IV line. He's much better now, but still has to complete the meds.

More to come in a big-ass post. :)

LJ has been a huge failure lately. Reminds me of the ff.net black-outs years back.

Thanks for the RL update, I'd wondered where you'd got too. Hope things settle for you soon and hope the boys are doing well or will be doing better soon.

I'd cry it if LJ goes bye-bye. So many awesome posts to say goodbye to! Hopefully it won't come to that. *crosses fingers*

Boys are doing great, almost back to their usual selves. Many thanks for all the hugs! :-)

Hope the boys are well and you guys don't have to make anymore trips to A&E!

One more trip at least, so my little one can complete his dose of anti-biotics - then fingers crossed never again!!! :-)

Many thanks for the support. hun. *hugs*

I'm glad you are okay Dee...been wondering where you got to. I'm so sorry about RL troubles, thats scary that you've had to go to the ER twice this week. Sending up a prayer for you and your family!

Yes, LJ has been an epic fail this week...I was wondering if I was the only one having issues.

Glad to hear you are okay :) *major hugs*

"I'm glad you are okay Dee...been wondering where you got to. I'm so sorry about RL troubles, thats scary that you've had to go to the ER twice this week. Sending up a prayer for you and your family!"

We've claimed it, and it's working! Everyone's fine, and the little ones have bounced back admirably. Thanks so much for your support! :-)

"Yes, LJ has been an epic fail this week...I was wondering if I was the only one having issues."

Oh, definitely not, although it's always the first thing we wonder when LJ goes pear-shaped: "Is it just me?" LOL! :-)

Once the boys settle down I'll get to posting again. Thanks again, babes! *hugs*

Aww hun *hugs* I hope the boys get better soon *sends well wishes*

I hope your sons are feeling better, Dee.

And yes, poor lj's been attacked by zombies--why can't these psycho hackers leave a writing community alone?

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about your boys. I hope they feel better soon.

I should probably get a blogger... I'm gonna end up losing a bunch of stuff here if something bad happens. Which... I'm hoping it won't.

I'm glad to hear your son's eye is better. And poor little one with the infection. :/ Here's hoping no more ER trips!

Dee, it's being quite long I hope your sons are better. I hope you are well bb hopefully lj doesn't crash so we can see more of yours.

Life really hasn't been easy on you recently, but I hope it gets better soon.

I might steal the blogger idea because I was terrified of losing all my stuff when LJ fail happened. I mean, I have multiple back-ups between FF and my computer, but one can never be too careful right?

Hi! I'm sorry to hear you've been spending a lot of time in A&E with your boys. I hope everything is okay or getting there. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you all.

Yikes, Dee! I hope the boys are okay! And that you are, too, since I know nothing is more stressful than your kid getting sick!

I don't know if this is useful for you or not, but Henry had asthma and had to use the nebuliser, also. Weirdly, the asthma went away when we took dairy out of his diet. Apparently, there are some kids for whom asthma is actually a manifestation of a dairy allergy. Not sure if that's the case with you, but just wanted you to know, in case you think that could be an issue.

Anyway, big hugs to you and your boys. Just take a deep breath and know you've got all of us thinking of you. Don't worry about LJ- just take care of yourself and your babies! *HUGS*

Hi, Dee :)

I was wondering where you were...hope the boys are doing better. Take care of yourself, too.

Oh, isn't the ER FUN? Hah! Hope things settle down for a while and you get a chance to rest up.

That whole LJ thing was very traumatic. I spend so much time on my computer and if I can't get into a site that I use often I feel extremely deprived. It's like I'm turning into a Borg or something. :-)))

Ack, Dee, when I read this I panicked until I saw in the comments that your boys are doing better! But I'll bet YOU are completely worn out chasing back and forth from the hospital, and worrying about your two little patients. Please take care of yourself and try to get some rest. No need to worry about LJ, just stay out of the A&E!!

Speaking of LJ, there *are* ways to back up your posts. One of them is LJArchive, which works with Windows and also backs up comments to your posts. I've used that for quite a while, and it works fine, but it's not in a format that is easily transferable to Word, etc. Becca asked about LJ backup programs today, and there are a few interesting links in the comments to her post, so you may want to check that out.

I hope that by now (past 9 pm East coast time) you're comfortably tucked in and sleeping, along with the rest of your family. I'll be sending warm thoughts and good wishes your way for the rest of the night. :)

*cuddles you*

I hope your lovely boys get better soon :), it must have been a hard days for you hon, so a lot of cuddles, hugs and everything for you and your family :)

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