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0Chlark - DP Colour by yumiero

Chlark Fanfic: The Fallen Sky, Chapter 5

Update for The Fallen Sky, peeps. 


Basically an expansion of Eternal with a Chlarky slant.  Pretty much the same dialogue as was in the actual episode. 





Title:              The Fallen Sky

Author:          BabyDee
Pairing:          Chlark, Chlavis

Rating:           NC17 (this chapter PG)

Warnings:     None  
Timeline:      Season 8 (Hex – Doomsday & beyond; this chapter Eternal)

Disclaimer:   All characters belong to the CW & DC comics. 

Summary:     Months after walking away from her in Doomsday, Clark returns to Chloe…but finds that she’s a changed woman from the one he left behind.

Feedback:      …always welcome. J



Read previous chapter here.

Read story from the beginning here.




Chapter 5



My Eyes Deceive Me



“So have you heard from Jimmy lately?”


Chloe tensed slightly at the mention of her ex-husband.   No, not ex-husband, thankfully; just ex.  The annulment had been fully processed and had gone through, and proved that she and Jimmy Olsen had never been husband and wife; so that aspect of her sad life was sorted and back to normal.  However, it was a surprise to hear it from Davis’s lips, since he was sort-of the reason for their break-up in the first place. 


She smiled and shook her head.  “Jimmy’s last tirade of emails included every single unflattering word in the dictionary, including some that er…didn’t make it past the censors,” she replied politely. 


Davis’s dark eyes widened in surprise.  “I thought he’d be dying to get back together with you.”


She snorted and gave a wintry laugh.  “No.  I believe that the last phrase he used was, ‘…don’t call me, don’t come by, and if you email me, I won’t open it,’ ” she quoted. 


He winced.  “Ouch.”


She grinned wryly. Jimmy’s hostility didn’t bother her.  The real ‘ouch’ had been her so-called best friend who had made wild, passionate love to her, fled without a backward glance, and hadn’t so much as called her in the four weeks since.  Yes, things would have been awkward for a while but surely they’d been friends long enough to have weathered any storm? 


Apparently not.  He’d clearly gotten past it and moved on.  And from the look of things, he’d jettisoned their friendship with the sex, and wanted nothing more to do with her.


Her heart constricted painfully at the thought.  Clark was the one person she treasured more than any other, and it was killing her to realise that she’d clearly never meant as much to him as he’d done to her.  Oh, she knew he’d always pine for Lana and what might have been if she hadn’t become his own personal brand of walking poison; but she’d hoped that with time, he’d come to see her, Chloe, as the one person who had always been there for him, and always would be. 


She’d hoped wrong. 


“I thought we were best friends, but obviously there was some…stuff…brewing beneath the surface for a while,” she whispered sadly.  “I mean…how can you be so close to someone and not really know who they are?”


Davis shifted uncomfortably and focused on the tomato he was slicing.  There was a flash of steel and she saw him wince as the knife went clean through his flesh. 


“Ouch!” he hissed, grabbing his hand in agony. 


Davis!” she gasped, staring at his bloody finger in horror.  Quickly she grabbed a napkin and took his hand in hers.   


“No it’s fine,” he protested hurriedly, resisting as she wrapped the napkin around his injured finger.  “Chloe, it’s fine, really...”


She ignored him and applied pressure to the injured area, feeling slightly guilty for moaning about her sorry life.  The poor man had probably sliced his finger open out of boredom. 


Carefully she lifted the napkin and was about turning towards the antiseptic cupboard when she spied something odd.  She did a double take at Davis’s injured finger and lifted it close to her disbelieving eyes. 


His injury had disappeared.  Gone.  There was clean, unbroken skin where a jagged cut should be. 


But that was impossible…


“Quick reflexes, huh?” Davis joked, looking decidedly uncomfortable. 


She didn’t answer.  Her eyes narrowed as a question began to form on her lips. 


Suddenly, her front door was unceremoniously flung open as it hadn’t been done in a month. 


“Chloe?” called Clark as he stepped into the room, stopping short when he saw her and Davis standing so close together.   She gulped and stepped away from him, feeling inexplicably guilty. 


Clark,” she greeted dryly.  “Call, much?”


Clark’s hard gaze shifted from her to Davis and back again, and his jaw clenched tightly.  Davis,” he greeted flatly.   


“Clark,” Davis acknowledged, also sounding suspiciously blank. 


Yeesh.  Talk about a pissing contest.  Not that there was any real territory to be marked, she thought bitterly.   


“Well!” she said brightly walking towards Clark.  “Now that we have that all worked out – what’s happening?”


He swallowed.  “I was working on a story that I thought you might have some information on,” he said sullenly.


This time, it was her jaw that hardened as disappointment engulfed her.  Typical; Clark only came to her when he needed something sorted.  It was par for the course, she should be used to it by now.


So why did it feel like her tender heart was breaking for the million-and-oneth time? 


“You know, I forgot something I was supposed to do,” Davis cut in, heading for the exit. “I should go.”   


She snapped out of it and caught up with him as he reached the door.  “Hey, what about dinner?” she asked.   


He shrugged, looking uncomfortable.  “Tomorrow,” he replied gruffly.  “Call you later.”


She nodded and smiled as he exited, then took a deep breath and turned to face Clark. 


“Right.  I’ll set the computer up, shall I?” she said with mock sweetness.   




Damn it, why hadn’t he just told her the truth? 


I miss you, Chloe.  Like crazy.  My life has been absolute hell without you this past month.  Your cousin irritates the shit out of me, and whenever out investigating with her, I’m wishing she was you. 


Instead he’d bottled it and leaned on the ever-present crutch of needing information.  And she’d been disappointed; he’d seen it in her eyes. 


“I can’t believe this!” she exclaimed, as she scrolled through the Metropolis Missing Persons website.  “There were over a dozen missing persons in the city last month alone!”


“I know,” he replied absently.   “You’d think it’d be newsworthy.”


She snorted disdainfully.  Ha.  Since when did newsworthy have anything to do with what was on the front page of the Daily Planet?”


Her snappy retort went unanswered.  He was still reeling from the fact that less than a month after their passionate encounter, she’d moved on from him and turned straight into Davis Bloome’s arms. 


Davis, of all people.  The shifty creep had been lurking around her ever since he first appeared on the scene, and he just wasn’t going away; probably wouldn’t go anywhere until he’d gotten what he’d wanted. 


And it was obvious he wanted Chloe, he thought grimly.  The man got a hungry look in his eye every time he looked at her. 


Against his will, Clark’s mind conjured up images of Chloe and Davis locked in apassionate embrace, kissing ardently while he sifted his hands through her golden hair.  Hot rage built within him and he felt his eyes itch and burn as his heat vision began to act up. 


“You know Clark, I really hope you have the safety cocked on your heat vision,” she suddenly commented.


He blinked and shook his head.  It was almost as if she’d been reading his mind.  “Uh…what?” he said dimly.   


She swivelled round in her chair and faced him squarely.  “You’ve been staring at the back of my head so hard, I’m afraid my hair’s gonna go up in flames,” she accused. 


Guilty.  “I just…didn’t know you and Davis were spending so much time together,” he admitted, pausing as Chloe sighed and rolled her eyes sarcastically.  And maybe she was right; it wasn’t like he had a claim to her or anything.


“Look, if you don’t wanna talk about it…” he began hesitantly. 


“No, please, go ahead,” she replied tiredly.   I just love trudging through stagnant water.”    


“It just seems like you’re moving on kind of fast, and I don’t get what you see in the guy,” he blurted.  There, he’d said it.  Though he wasn’t sure if he meant she was moving on from Jimmy, or moving on from him. 


“First of all, it was dinner,” she said defensively.  “Not a date and a movie.  And secondly, he’s kind, supportive, and a strong shoulder for me to lean on which, I don’t know if you’ve actually realised, but I could really use right now.” 


He hated to admit it, but she had a point.  He certainly hadn’t been any sort of friend to her of late.  But he’d heard through the grapevine that her annulment had been approved, and her ‘marriage’ to Jimmy had been completely invalidated following evidence to her fractured state of mind in the lead-up to the wedding.  It was one of the things that had given him hope and prompted him to come over here this evening, hoping that perhaps he and Chloe might talk about what had happened between them and follow on from there.  Because as much as he’d kicked against it at the time, he knew that making love to her had not been a mistake. 


He sighed and ran a nervous hand through his hair.  The truth of the matter was that he’d thought of her non-stop ever since they’d been to bed together.  He and Chloe had shared something special long before they took things to the next level, and he was desperate to develop their awesome bond even further.  He’d missed her, and not just because of the sex; she was an integral part of him. 


So when he’d seen her here with Davis, it was like a sucker punch had been delivered to his solar plexus with a kryptonite fist.      


“I have a really bad feeling about him,” he complained.  I mean…come on, Chloe…”


“Don’t ‘Chloe’ me, Clark,” she snapped.  “What is it really with this whole ‘meet me out in the back for a duel’ mentality, huh?”


The bastard’s muscling in on my turf and I’m afraid I’m going to lose you to him, that’s what, he thought bitterly. 


“It might have something to do with the fact that this guy disappeared and can’t explain where he went,” he replied sullenly.  “He’s full of secrets, Chloe.  There’s not even a record of his childhood.”


“Yeah…sounds familiar,” she drawled, linking her hands and staring at him pointedly.


Clark scowled and leaned over her desk, his face close to hers.  “I don’t collect morbid crime scene photos in my locker, and I’m not the first EMT to show up at every gruesome murder,” he growled.  


Chloe wasn’t listening.  Her eyes widened in alarm as she stared at her computer screen. 


“Chloe, what is it?” he asked instantly.   


“A vehicle was found on fire just outside Smallville,” she said, looking up at him with troubled eyes.  “It has Davis’s licence plate.” 




Chapter 6

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You had to throw Chlavis in there didn't you? Ugh, I just flove Sam W and Chlavis, so damn hot.

Ah well, liked the chlark stuff but Clark's acting like an ass, so he needs to suffer a bit. :D

"You had to throw Chlavis in there didn't you?"
*nods* Yup! :-D

"Ugh, I just flove Sam W and Chlavis, so damn hot."
*nods* Yup!! :-P

"Ah well, liked the chlark stuff but Clark's acting like an ass, so he needs to suffer a bit. :D"
*nods* Yup!!! ;-)

Glad you like, babes! :-)

Edited at 2011-05-08 11:44 pm (UTC)

Chlavis...never liked, never will!

But the chapter was amazing, I was missing this fic like crazy. Clark's acting like an ass, but that's hardly flash news.

I'm just dying to see what's next and I really hope Clark suffers a little for being away for a whole month. Big dumb alien...

Love it Dee, as always <3

"Chlavis...never liked, never will!"
We all have our pet hates, LOL! :-D

"But the chapter was amazing, I was missing this fic like crazy. Clark's acting like an ass, but that's hardly flash news."
That's Clark's default setting since Failsday: Ass.

"I'm just dying to see what's next and I really hope Clark suffers a little for being away for a whole month. Big dumb alien..."

His suffering hasn't even begun, babes. Believe me!

Thanks for commenting! :-)

Edited at 2011-05-08 11:45 pm (UTC)

Chlark *and* Chlavis? Guh, love this fic.

Always happy to make you smile, Frida! :-P

Love how this fit so neatly into the established verse, you could read so much more into those interactions. Damn I wish I had more onscreen Chlark :( But I can live with this. I've got an active imagination and you're feeding it wonderfully.

Thanks, Kim! The way the latter episodes of Season 8 turned out work perfectly with the tale I'm weaving.

I'll try to get another update out on this one soon; it's been quite a while! :-)

Thanks for another chapter this story, i watch couple days ago Eternal so i recogsise couple of this quote...
Thanks for that Clark is missin Chloe and for that she is so strong...

I just wish I could knock their silly heads together. When are they going to realise they mean more to each other than they could ever know? :-(

Glad you like, Maddie, and thanks for commenting! :-)

Great update.

Oh so Clarky boy if feeling a little territorial. I just wish he would man up and tell Chloe how he really feels instead of just thinking it. I guess he just wouldn't be out BDA if he did though.

Jimmy is really a douche-bag and I'm glad Chloe was able to get that annulment.

Can't wait for more.

"Great update."
Thank you, babes! :-D

"Oh so Clarky boy if feeling a little territorial. I just wish he would man up and tell Chloe how he really feels instead of just thinking it. I guess he just wouldn't be out BDA if he did though."
I know, right? He makes me want to punch him, sometimes. No, scratch that - he makes me want to punch him ALL the time!!! :-D

"Jimmy is really a douche-bag and I'm glad Chloe was able to get that annulment."
It's like the whole ugly episode never happened, and I'm not talking about the doomsday attack. ;-)

"Can't wait for more."
I'm on a bit of a Crisis roll at the moment, but I'll return to this baby as soon as I can! :-D


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