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Fanfic Writer by Eyesthatslay

Chlark Fanfic: Crisis II - The Healing, Chapter 2

Title:               Crisis II: The Healing
Author:          babydee1
Pairing:          Chlark/Kaloe

Rating:           PG for now, NC-17 later
Warnings:     Sequel to Crisis, which deals with disturbing themes
Timeline:       Season 2-3 (Exodus – Exile; Clark’s RedK Summer & beyond)
Disclaimer:   All characters belong to the CW & DC comics 
Summary:     Following the devastating events of Crisis, Clark and Chloe attempt to rebuild their friendship against all odds.
Feedback:      …would be appreciated. :)  Awesome banner by ellashy

Read origin story, Crisis, from beginning to end.

Crisis II: The Healing
Read previous chapter here.

Chapter 2

Morgan Edge.  The name was familiar…

“The property developer,” she said, putting a face to the name.  “Owns half of Metropolis; the better-looking half.”

“Yep, that’s the one.”

“What’s he doing here?” she asked, her heart sinking with dread.  “He hasn’t bought the farm, has he?”

“No, he’s not here for the farm.”

“Then what does he want?  Clark, are you going to tell me what’s going on?”

Just then, the car door opened and a man with Trump-esquely coiffed hair stepped out with a big smile.  “Kal, my old friend!  So this is where you hang your jacket.”  

Kal. Clark’s name from Metropolis.  A chill ran down Chloe’s spine, and she had a feeling her face had gone as white as Clark’s.

“What are you doing here?” Clark asked lowly.

“I came to get what’s mine,” he replied, his cheery smile and pleasant southern tang at odds with the coldness in his flinty eyes.  “You haven’t exactly earned your wages for that last job, have you?” 

“Clark, what does he mean?” Chloe whispered.

“I’ll tell you later,” he replied in hushed tones. 

“Wait a minute - did she just call you Clark?” Morgan asked in surprise.  “Don’t tell me you’ve had a name-change to go with the personality transplant.” 

“Just go in the house, Chloe – please,” he urged. 

“And who’s the pretty little lady here?” Morgan asked, staring at her with growing interest.  “Chloe, was it?  You never told me you had a sister.”

“She’s not my sister.”

“No?” He turned to her with an insincere smile.  “Who exactly are you, young lady?” 

“She’s no concern of yours.”

“She can speak for herself, I’m sure,” Morgan said smoothly.

“I’m just running an errand,” Chloe said tightly.  “Clark, I’ll see you inside.” 

She walked towards the screen door and went inside the house, but stayed close enough to catch snippets of the conversation going on outside.  Whatever Clark had gotten up to in Metropolis had something to do with Morgan Edge, and might provide some answers to the many burning questions that she had.


Clark stared at his former employer with open dislike. 

“You shouldn’t have come here, Edge,” Clark grated.

“And you shouldn’t have disappeared with my property,” he replied stonily.  “Where is it?”

“I don’t have it.”

“You sure?”

“You heard me.” 

“Well, that’s a damned shame,” Morgan replied, shaking his head in mock regret.  “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to tear this humble homestead apart looking for it, but let’s be honest…” he glanced around disdainfully “…shaking the place up might actually be an improvement.”

Clark’s jaw tightened.  “I told you, it’s not here.”

“Then where is it?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know; right.  Does your lady-friend know, by any chance?”

Clark clenched his fists.  “She has nothing to do with any of this, so don’t you dare talk to her!”

“Why not?” he countered.  “You got something to hide?  Your unnatural abilities, maybe?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Or maybe you just don’t want her to find out about all the horrible things you got up to in the city.”  He chuckled.  “Does she know that you like robbing banks, and have a penchant for fast cars and black leather?  Because it looks to me like you’re a completely different person from the one I knew in Metropolis.”

“I’ve changed.  I don’t do those things anymore.” 

“I see.  And you just happened to have your crisis of conscience after I paid you to retrieve my property from Lionel Luthor’s safe?”  His eyes grew flinty.  “Where is it, Clark?”

He swallowed.  “It’s gone.  I disposed of it.”

“Well you’d better un-dispose of it, and fast,” he said in clipped tones.  “Because if you don’t give me what I want, it’s not just your farm that’s gonna get roughed up.”  He glanced towards the house and smiled.  “You wouldn't want anything to happen to that sweet little girl of yours, would you?”

“What did you say?” Clark whispered, his face darkening. 

“I’m sure I can persuade her to be…” he flashed a lecherous grin. “…cooperative.”

“If you so much as touch her, I will rip you limb from limb, I swear to God.”

“I wonder if she prefers older gentlemen--”

He got no further.  In a flash, Clark lifted him clear off his feet and slammed him into his car so hard the vehicle lifted several inches off the floor and teetered precariously on two wheels before landing heavily back on the ground.  There was a loud crash as the driver’s side window shattered on impact, sending fragments all over the floor that glittered in the late afternoon sun. 

“Now you listen to me, old man,” Clark rasped through gritted teeth.  “Don’t be fooled by the plaid and the jeans and humble dwellings.  I may look different on the outside, but I’m still very much the old me in here.  Mark my words, if you threaten me or my family, I’ll break every bone in your body.” His hands tightened on the lapels of Edge’s shirt, slowly cutting off the oxygen to his throat.  “Or do you need a reminder of how strong I am?” 


Chloe watched the unfolding events through the screen door, her hand clasped tightly around her taser.  Clark seemed to be handling things just fine, but if by some chance Morgan Edge made his way towards the house, she’d be ready for him with 50,000 volts of electricity.

The back door creaked ominously, making the hackles on the back of her neck rise.  She held her taser aloft and crept along the corridor towards the approaching footsteps of…

“Mr Kent!” she breathed, sighing in relief.

“Chloe?” he dropped his toolbox and stared at her curiously.  “Is everything okay?”

“Mr Kent, you need to come quick.  Morgan Edge is in your front yard, and he’s having some sort of altercation with Clark.”

“Morgan Edge?”  Jonathan walked into the kitchen and peered out the front window.  “What the hell…?”

“I think he knows about Clark’s powers,” she continued nervously.  “He calls him Kal; said he knew him from Metropolis.” 

Jonathan scowled.  “Does he, now?”  He left the room briefly and returned with a long-barreled shotgun.  Chloe swallowed hard as he opened the screen door and stood on the porch. 

“Clark!” he yelled.  “Inside, now!” 


Clark continued to stared down at Edge with murderous intent. Everyone waited, the air filled with nervous tension. Finally, he loosened his hold on the lapels and stepped back, allowing the older man room to crumble to his knees and inhale ragged gulps of air.

Jonathan turned to Clark and cocked his head sharply towards the house.  Clark obeyed, the gravel crunching under his feet as he walked into the house in silence.  One he was indoors, Jonathan walked down the porch steps and stood in front of the unwanted visitor. 

Edge slowly got to his feet and dusted down his now roughened-up suit.  He glanced towards Jonathan and grinned, his smile totally devoid of any warmth. 

“Well, hello sir,” he greeted.  “A pleasure indeed to meet the father of such a… strong young man.”

“Well, the feeling’s not mutual,” Jonathan barked.  “You heard my son; get the hell off my property.  You have no business dealings with me.” 

“But I do with your son.  He owes me something, and I will return to collect it.”

Jonathan cocked his rifle.  “No, you won’t; not if you know what’s good for you,” he replied menacingly.  

Edge ran a finger around the ruined collar of his shirt and looked towards the kitchen window, his eyes narrowing as he caught sight of Clark.  “You’d best keep a close eye on your loved ones, Kal,” Morgan Edge warned.  “This isn’t over.” 


Chapter 3

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Alright, just caught up with this gorgeous sequel and I love how Chloe and Clark are speaking so truthfully to each other--about time you two :):)

And I appreciate that Clark wants to protect his family from Morgan Edge, I think they need a more powerful ally then Jonathan's shot gun.

Fantastic update.

Uh-Oh it looks like there's going to be trouble trouble...

I swear Clark is an idiot... Working for Metropolis head crime lord and then not expecting any consequences after screwing him over.

I do believe Chloe is about to go into investigation mode.

I don't see how Clark is going to get out from underneath Morgan Edge's thumb. He knows the truth about Clark's powers and I'm wondering how long he'll sit on it.

I love that Chloe was in the house ready with her taser.

Jonathon and that shotgun... No one messes with his kid.

Can't wait for more.

Trump-esquely coiffed hair
Hmm Trump hair? I hate him already.

“And who’s the pretty little lady here?”
I thought Chloe was going to say something here. I hate being called little lady. XD

Oh Edge was basically threatening to rape Chloe, I hate him even more now. I hope he gets what he deserves soon.

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